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Rice trading

In the rice trading process, the Arroz Sul team takes care of all the stages involved in the deals.

Daily market price analysis and paying conditions in order to define the best deal to be done, according to the clients’ needs.

Contracts making in order to guarantee and satisfy the interests of the individuals involved. We work together with transport companies carrying out price quotations and follow-up of logistics in the operations.

Sending of follow-up memos of shipments and merchandise classification (in case of quality divergences of the product we will direct analysis in institutions of classification) and payment follow-up.

Arroz Sul is specialized in all kinds of paddy and beneficiated rice business, we have a great array of clients in need of high quality raw material and also stained grains and chalky.

We advise clients for services and packing for own trademarks.

Since 2008 Arroz Sul Broker has been commercializing an average of 125,000 tons (2.500,000 bags) of paddy rice per year for local industries, becoming a reference for bigger industries of the southern region in providing raw material, which facilitates the access of producers to better business opportunities in the market.