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Arroz sul has been working on the commercialization of rice since 1984, the broker Arroz Sul Negocios Rurais has a comprehensive performance in the rice market. The main activity of the company is the intermediation in buying and selling of paddy rice from rural producers to industries. In 2014 we commercialized a total of 250 thousand tons in business of rice.

During plantation, we offer support to producers with products such as seed of certified rice, fertilizers of Orgâno Mineral e Química line and mineral feedstock, we are representatives of Supremo Insumos, company linked to the Josapar group.

During harvest we work with several companies responsible for transportation offering support to rice and soy producers and we offer agile and safe options for receiving, drying and storing of grains, in industries as well as Conab certified warehouses.

We work in the commercialization of milled rice, with options of bulk delivery, in 60kg bags or burdens of the same brand of client, we have specialized suppliers in service provision delivering high quality rice (organic rice, whole-grain rice, white, parboiled and short grain) across Brazil.

We operate in the market of sub products of rice, offering hominy (100% broken), grits, bran and residuals for companies of animal nutrition and oil production. For exportation we work with broken African Standard and animal feed.

We work under “Join venture” with Trading Exporters supporting industries in Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina to carry out their sales in foreign markets. From 2008 to 2012 we worked directly in the exportation of more than 80 thousand tons or rice to Africa and Europe. In the same mode, we advise Brazilian industries in their importations from Latin America.

Member of the Stock Markets of the Metade Sul (BMS), Arroz Sul is able to perform transactions with several agricultural products such as, rice, coffee, soy, beans, sorghum, wheat, transport and corn, in the name of buyers and sales representatives.

In 2014 we became representatives of Granja Bretanhas SA offering solutions for irrigation and management of water in crops; in 2014 the farm became the exclusive distributer in Brazil and Paraguay of the American company Delta Plastics, leader in the market in the process of manufacturing and distribution of plastic hoses for sustainable irrigation.

Besides trading seeds we have authorized professionals to CRECI/RS (Regional Real Estate Agents Consultancy, 34.545) and OAB/RS (Brazilian Attorneys’ Order, 22.464 e 64.557), giving advice in sales, rural leasing and industrial properties.

The company is located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, such state is responsible for the production of 60% of the Brazilian rice. The matrix is located in the city of Pelotas which is considered one of the biggest poles of rice improvement in Latin America, distant only 60km from the Port of Rio Grande.