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Commodities Exchange

We took part in the foundation of Bolsa de Mercadorias Metade Sul (BMS – Commodities Exchange) in 2000 and we are able to perform operations of various agricultural products. We operate in all types of rice auctions Conab system and we have a skilled and experienced team to do business with the federal government.

In 2012 Arroz Sul Broker advised industries in auctions of rice exchange where the government donated rice to needy counties, acting directly in the exportation of 258 containers to countries such as Somalia and Haiti.

In the auctions of PRÊMIO PARA ESCOAMENTO (PEP) of 2011 we operated with and amount of 91,700 tons in exportation business. In 2011 we negotiated 692,860 rice bags in contracts of option of the Federal Government. We also worked in rice sales for the Governmental Program Fome Zero, delivering rice in the states of RJ, PE and SC.